Our Vision
SKIZO is a direct-to-consumer social and environmental impact company that uses materials science to bring breakthrough textile innovations and patents to the world through everyday lifestyle products. With the support of the innovative ecosystem and textile business in Portugal, we aim and care that all the technologies we work with aim to solve an environmental problem of the fashion/clothing industry and nature.We hope to further boost these solutions, making technologies and materials available to companies in different sectors.
By introducing these innovations, we design materials, products and experiences for every day and for everyone, thus leaving a better legacy for future generations.

André & Andreia
skizo fiber plastic from the ocean

We transform plastic and old fishnets into premium productsFrom waste to Premium Productsupcycling

We transform plastic and old fishnets, collected from the oceans, with the help of fishermen and beach cleanups with the help of volunteers, into textiles.
Fishermen and beach cleaning are carried out on the coast of Portugal.

Skizo - Big Moments

We would like to share and reflect on our achievements in the past, and show our ongoing commitments in doing what is necessary for the future of our planet.


SKIZO was born and we started to sell in our online store to the world


We created certified masks with textile made from plastic collected from the ocean


Creation of laundry bags, microplastic and microfiber collectors.


Approved BCorp Pending certification
from the ocean

CUSTOMIZE YOURSmillions of different combinationsBe a Hero

With just one touch – your own – you are completely free to express yourself and your personality. Be daring and create unusual combinations!

Give free rein to your creativity and customize your own products.
We will ship them in 3 to 15 days, each product have the information of producing time.

WE HAVE NO STOCKwe only produce order-to-orderCustomization

We had professionals, who shared our vision, approach us. They understood that production by order, or mass customization, only is the future, it will create less waste, use fewer natural resources and decrease impulse buying. We believe Skizo will have an important role in this fashion evolution, not only regarding production but also through the purchasing process.

we have no stock
from the ocean

COMFORTYou will not use other brands againQuality

Comfort is one of our concerns, we use all the technology and techniques available in luxury fashion to produce our products.

HANDMADE IN PORTUGAL36 generations of shoemakersKnow-How

Portuguese shoemaking dates back to the 12th century, with a tradition of handmade work. The knowledge is unparalleled, which means we can bring you sneakers handmade with the expertise of generational shoemakers.


DURABILITYhand stitched Production

The most beautiful shoes are made in the smallest Portuguese municipality, São João da Madeira, so that’s where we went to create your sneakers. Known as the “shoe industry capital”, it is internationally renowned for producing some of the finest and best shoes in the world. All the other products are made in-house in our atelier.

PRODUCT END OF LIFE PROGRAMfrom the ocean with love“Sponsor with Impact”

Yes, we have a program for your end-of-life Skizo products.
When your products are ready for a new home, return them to us, and we’ll repair them and gift them to someone in need. You can sponsor a new hero!


Using technology to inspire and innovate, our goal is
leave a better legacy for future generations.

We, humans, might be the problem, but we are also the ones who have the hope and the solution. And so we could not stand still.

After a lot of research, we found a solution, and it is easy to participate.

We have created a fashion brand, made of plastic collected from the ocean and transformed into a textile yarn, made by Portuguese artisans, and customized by the client.

Each pair of sneakers contains approximately half a kilo (1lb) of plastic, corresponding to 36 plastic bottles.

It has never been easier to help the planet.

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