Before washing
Skizo sneakers cannot be washed in the washing machine or submerged in water.
If your sneakers have mud or dirt, you should remove the excess with the help of a small brush, before washing.
You can choose to fill the sneakers with newspapers, so that during washing and drying, there are no deformations.

The washing
The maximum water temperature should be 30 degrees. If you use warmer water, some materials are likely to shrink.
You can use a very small amount of mild laundry detergent. (It is not mandatory, dirt usually comes off easily with just a slightly damp cloth or brush.)
With a brush or a microfiber cloth almost dry wipe the sneakers to remove the dirt.

Important information: You can never clean sneakers with a wet cloth or brush, you can use them slightly damp.
Only in white sneakers you will be able to use a soap with Active Oxygen, but the washing must always be dry.

After washing
The sneakers should always dry in an airy place, but without direct exposure to the sun.
Drying takes approximately 1 or 2 hours.

We do not recommend placing sneakers in the washing machine or dryer, or using aggressive cleaning products (such as bleach). 

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