• Laundry Bag


    Laundry Bag is Breathable and Made in Portugal with Plastic & Old Fishnets From the Ocean

    Size: 74cm X 50cm

    Material: Bag -> Old Fishnets  Stripe -> Plastic from the Ocean

    Instructions for use:

    Fill to about ⅔ full so the textiles can move easily in the bag
    Add other (non-synthetic) clothes to the washing machine drum to avoid imbalance
    Wash at max 40°C
    Use liquid and natural detergents without synthetics

    Do not do:

    Do not place sharp objects to avoid damaging the material
    No ironing – this also damages the material (crumpled surface is normal)
    Use in the dryer – broken fibers can come out of the bag
    Hang / dry in direct sunlight – to avoid damaging material

    Equivalent to 10 Plastic Bottles and 1Kg of old Fishnets