Laundry Bag

SKU: 7CVX4O317867


Laundry Bag is Breathable and Made in Portugal with Plastic & Old Fishnets From the Ocean

Size: 74cm X 50cm

Material: Bag -> Old Fishnets  Stripe -> Plastic from the Ocean

Instructions for use:

Fill to about ⅔ full so the textiles can move easily in the bag
Add other (non-synthetic) clothes to the washing machine drum to avoid imbalance
Wash at max 40°C
Use liquid and natural detergents without synthetics

Do not do:

Do not place sharp objects to avoid damaging the material
No ironing – this also damages the material (crumpled surface is normal)
Use in the dryer – broken fibers can come out of the bag
Hang / dry in direct sunlight – to avoid damaging material

Equivalent to 10 Plastic Bottles and 1Kg of old Fishnets


This laundry bag is for washing synthetic textiles in washing machines.



After your purchase you will receive it in next 3 business days.
CARE: We do not recommend washing hotter than 40°. No ironing.